Martin Norrbom and Helle Espensen leave Denmark to begin a new life in Spain. They are at the beginning of their 20s, and passionately facing up to new challenges. Norrbom Fashion Co. is the first step, and they introduce Scandinavian fashion designers to the Spanish market. A few months later Norrbom Marketing is established. The company moves into the newly opened shopping centre Centro Idea on the road between Fuengirola and Mijas. Martin’s creative soul is set free, and in combination with Helle’s training in international marketing the company develops quickly from having only one PC with four fonts (real cool stuff can actually come out of so little) to make comprehensive graphic solutions, marketing plans and events for Costa del Sol’s international customer base.

Hos Norrbom Marketing udfører vi mange forskellige marketingsaktiviteter

In order to focus 100% on Norrbom Marketing the fashion business is closed, and the company now launches its first monthly magazine, the English language InSight. Soon production of the Danish Association’s member magazine is taken over by Norrbom Marketing and in skilled hands it quickly changes character to an actual monthly magazine.


Norrbom Marketing has gradually gained a strong market position and now provides not only graphic design and printed matters on the Costa del Sol, but also to companies that reach far beyond Spain’s borders. As the digital infrastructure develops, the company is ready to jump onto the new wave and the first websites are created for the company’s most forward-thinking customers.


Norrbom Marketing outsources web design to its new subsidiary, Norrbom Informática, which is an actual IT company supplying hardware and software – and not least what soon became very popular IT courses to particularly the Costa del Sol’s many Scandinavian expats.


For many years Norrbom Marketing made the Norwegian Church’s member magazine on the Costa del Sol, and when it closed down, the company grabbed this unique business opportunity, and on March 15th 2001 the first edition of the Norwegian magazine, Det Norske Magasinet, hit the streets. Since then Det Norske Magasinet has grown into an important element in most Norwegian expats daily life in Spain.


The time has come to launch the company’s own Danish magazine. The production of the Danish Association’s member magazine is replaced by Norrbom Marketing’s flagship, the monthly Danish magazine, La Danesa, in September 2002.

Den første udgave af Det Norske Magasin og La Danesa
Norrboms kontors facade

Norrbom Marketing invests in its first digital printing machine, and can now supply most kinds of printed matters from day to day.


Norrbom Informática is closed down, and the focus is now exclusively on graphic design, print, and especially magazine production. From now on all magazine content can be found on the websites www.norskemagasinet.com and www.ladanesa.com


The company has grown out of the premises at Centro Idea’s ‘tween deck’, and the current premises with entrance from the centre’s parking area are taken into possession.


In December the first issue of Det Norske Magasinet and La Danesa’s sister magazine, En Sueco (in Swedish) is published. 22 people are now involved in Norrbom Marketing’s magazine production.


The graphic design department now also offers large format printing for posters, banners etc. and a photo studio for both product and person photography is inaugurated.

Forskellige udgaver af En Sueco
Martin Norrbom og Helle Espensen 2017

Norrbom Marketing’s online universe is expanded to include social media strategy, and advertisers are introduced to the Universe packages containing advertising throughout the digital platform as well as in the three monthly magazine’s print versions. Web design is again a significant part of the company’s supply, and the popular marketing concept GrowBiz is launched.


After almost 30 years of joint effort in managing Norrbom, Helle Espensen decided to resign from the company, which leaves the direction to Martin Norrbom and makes him af sole owner of Norrbom Marketing. The reason for Helle’s leave is her wish to concentrate on her other job as a BodyTalker.