If you would like to have video content produced for social media, you may benefit from our expertise. This applies to both smaller promotion and advertising videos as well as strategic video post planing. We carry out video projects and offer the entire palette, instruction, locations, video shooting, image and audio editing.

Videos on Facebook and YouTube, why?

Consider these five reasons why you should start utilize Facebook and YouTube video marketing.

  1. Greater exposure
    Millions of people around the world are on Facebook and YouTube daily.
  2. Social connectivity
    Facebook is considered one of the strongest and most popular social media platforms.
  3. Viral potential
    A video that caters for a specific group of people has the potential to go viral. If people like it, it´s easy to share with friends and expose it to networks.
  4. Search engine visibilty
    If you post a video on YouTube and the same on Facebook, you have a greater chance of getting organic traffic from Google via YouTube.
  5. Easier conversions
    Social media has been proven effective in increasing traffic to your website, boosting the conversion rate and convince your audience to purchase your service or product.

Video for social media

Real Estate Video Marketing

Selling a property? We can help you! Take a look at our Real Estate Visual Marketing page – right here!