Meet the Norrbom Marketing Team!

Here are the employees that you will meet when entering our office in Centro Idea. These persons are the foundation to the great products and services of Norrbom Marketing.

Martin Norrbom


Owner, graphic designer

Martin oversees the company’s graphic image. He is a perfectionist and very detail oriented – to the benefit of our customers.

Lina Blanco



Lina is responsible for bookkeeping, distribution and, as she herself says: All the strange cases that turn up in a company like ours.

Henrik Andersen


Journalist and advertising consultant

With extensive knowledge and insight Henrik brings readers into the Spanish political scene. His enthusiasm is the ticket to both interviewees and customers.

Tom Halvorson


Journalist and advertising consultant

Tom loves to listen to people’s histories and then convey their words to our audience. Tom does also have great experiences within advertising and marketing, from which he can provide you the best consultancy.



Journalist and advertising consultant

Louise is super efficient, multitasking with research, interviews, writing of articles, translations and proofreading. Besides some editorial tasks, Louise writes a great part of the articles to La Danesa, as well as some of the material for Det Norske Magasin and En Sueco.

Mugge Fischer


Graphic designer and advertising consultant

Mugge is a multi-artist both behind the monitor, the camera and his customers’ graphic identity. In front of the monitor and the camera he makes everybody’s day with the best spirit and biggest smile in the world.


Digital Manager

Simon creates websites focusing on the graphic expression and SEO. He is eminent when it comes to the production of eyecatching videos serving as a means of communication between company and customer.

Sara Laine


Journalist and advertising consultant

Sara is the editor and journalist at En Sueco. Her professionalism and winning personality brings out the best in even the most discerning interviewees and customers.

Carlos Muñoz


It is Carlos who distributes the magazines to our loyal readers and advertisers when they are released on the 1st and 15th every month. Our magazines are distributed along the entire coast which makes Carlos a very busy man during this time, since all of Costa del Sol are in need of great reading material – preferably within the same day.

Linda Wigang

Marketing manager

With twenty years in the industry, she knows what she’s talking about. Linda has worked with advertising sales and media consulting since 1998 in the companies MEC / Wavemaker Global (one of Denmark’s largest media agencies) and at Berlingske Media.

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